About Service-Learning

Service-Learning engages students in weekly service with a designated service placement.  Through this sustained partnership, students build relationships with those whom they serve.  Service-Learning also allows students the opportunity to engage in formal and informal reflections on their service, which allow students to connect their service with their learning.  Academic credit is available to students who are interested in connecting weekly service with a course.

Each year, The Shriver Center places over 600 students at service sites.  Students choose sites that align with their passions and goals, engaging in real-world experience in a variety of settings.  Whether they are connecting a single parent with childcare resources or helping a high school student understand trigonometry, UMBC students put their skills into practice through service.

Additionally, there are many opportunities to gain leadership skills while serving.  Service-Learning Interns lead volunteers in weekly service, facilitate reflection sessions, and foster a positive service-learning experience.  Interns receive on-going support from Shriver Center staff and their peers and benefit from weekly training meetings.